D800 owner considering switching to Canon. What's a valid reason to switch?

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Canon's Quiet/Silent Shutter......

I own both Canon and Nikon gear - so I truly enjoy both (but I do not own a D800 or 5DIII "yet"). If you have not handled both in a store or of a friend, you need to do that. The feel and controls are very different.

To me (YMMV) the silent/quiet shutter on the 5D3 (and 6D) is nothing short of amazing!!! If you are shooting in a football stadium w/crowd noise, shutter sound is not typically a problem; however, shooting in many other scenario's it may be. I don't know how they did it, but the silent shutter on these two Canon bodies "had me at hello". I was simply blown away, and you can shoot both at 3fps in silent mode.

For my shooting, I can think of many reasons and situations where that would be wonderful to have. Also, in silent/quiet mode there was no shutter/mirror slap "jerk/vibration" to be had. Like cutting through hot butter.... This feature alone will likely cause my next body to be either a 5D3 or 6D.

I've personally always preferred Nikon's approach to flash (exposure balance you seem to get is simply spot on w/ambient light). But Canon's is excellent as well. Hard for me to get a poorly exposed flash shot with either E-ttl or i-TTL.

Whatever you do - you cannot go  wrong with either mfg. Both (as well as Sony, Pentax, Olympus, etc.... ) make amazingly wonderful equipment these days. Enjoy!


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