Which NEX should I buy? It does not matter!

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Re: Which NEX should I buy? It does not matter!

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Might want to read the DPR review

The NEX-F3's resolution performance is all but identical to that of the older NEX-5N


The most important thing to note on this graph is the curve at the top of the highlight range. The gentleness of the curve illustrates the NEX-F3's ability to render highlights with a pleasing curve to 100% brightness instead of clipping off. As you can see the F3's default tone curve is all but identical to the 5N as well as other recent Sony cameras. The F3's dynamic range performance is among the top of its class.


By ISO 1600, the F3's output is at least a match for the best of its competition and even at ISO 6400, noise isn't severe enough to have much of an impact on detail reproduction across most of our scene.


By ISO 12800, noise is relatively intense, but chroma noise is noticeably less intense than it is in images from the NEX-5N.

DPreview will be right, but you are not going to see any difference in real life shots, viewed in normal conditions on screen or printed. So, discussing IQ with these camera's on this forum is a bit irrelevant IMO. As nevercat says (below): photographic skills are much more important. I would love to see more images and less discussions about "Help, which camera to those". Just buy the one you like most and learn to use it in your advantage.

Not completely. The F3 is finished at ISO 12,800 but the 5R and 6 are usable to almost 25,600. What that means is that there will be a visibly improved rendering at, say ISO 3200, with the 5R and 6.

This is supposed to be an equipment forum so there is nothing wrong with discussions about the relative merits and performance of equipment.

On most cameras this would simply mean more worthless ISO levels for marketing purposes.  Has any testing been done.  Sensitivity is based on the sensor alone.  Iso is just analog post processing of gain.

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