Just finished a short film shot on hacked GH2, feedback appreciated!

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Re: Standard-def hacked GH2 feedback

Francis Carver wrote:

Well, only had time to watch the 1st one and a half minute -- you know, when the young lady is preparing to get up from her chair in the cafe, glances lovingly at her Canon camera right in front of her on the table, then gets up and leaves the camera. Obviously she did not want it any more, I got that feeling immediately.

What I cannot get, though, why did you had to shoot this with a HACKED Lumix GH2 -- if it is in standard definition on Vimeo? I had thought folks hack the GH2's firmware to get BETTER QUALITY VIDEO -- not lower quality.

Does the Lumix GH2 shoot in Full-HD when NON-HCAKED, and only in standard definition after it gets hacked, or what? Confusing for us, non-hackers.


This was shot in 1080/24p, and the final edited project is in full high definition on my hard disk. Both un-hacked and hacked GH2s are capable of Full-HD resolution; the hack just makes the camera record at a higher bit-rate and without inter-frame interpolation, to better maintain detail in scenes with a lot of movement, etc.

Unfortunately Vimeo only accepts 720p footage for free accounts, so that's the best you're able to see there. I looked for a free video hosting option that would allow me to upload a nearly 20 minute film at 1080p, but didn't find anything. I'm sorry if this causes you or anybody else confusion. But even Hollywood movies are also frequently filmed in higher resolution than the formats in which they're eventually distributed to consumers (standard-def DVD, etc.)

If you do find the time to watch beyond the minute and a half point, I think you'll find that it gets better toward the middle and end. Or at least that's my humble opinion. Thanks for taking the time to watch, though!

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