Please help a noob. 5n or 6? Different lenses.

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Re: Please help a noob. 5n or 6? Different lenses.

MintTheCandy wrote:

Hey guys, would just like to ask your help in deciding which NEX should I be buying around next month. I hope you spare me some of your time, this is my dilemma:

NEX 5N + 18-55mm + 16mm + 50mm f1.8

NEX 6 + 16-50mm + 50mm f1.8

I was already considering buying a NEX 6 and be happy with the kit lens that goes with it. But i saw the prime lenses (looking at 50mm now) and they were good really good especially the bokeh. Now my problem is the price. I kinda dont want to spend all my money for the cameras since im just goin to do this as a hobby and no professional work included.

I like the fact that NEX 6 has all the features I like. But thinking that 5N is ridiculously cheap right now, i might afford another 50mm 1.8 lens now and that would be a little higher of the price that id be buying with the NEX 6 + 16-50mm kit lens. If i opt to go for NEX 6, that would mean i wont be able to buy the 50mm 1.8 just yet and im thinking its already quite expensive for the NEX 6 + 50mm. Thing is i know i can buy either of them but im just really thinking into saving money but still getting quality images and videos. I just hate that 5N doesnt have the hybrid AF and the built in EVF.

Just another question though, is the AF of 5N really that bad? I heard that its having a hard time focusing and can go nuts looking for the focus. I just dont want to miss that moment and i think NEX 6 can handle it.

And does the NEX 6 16-50mm have decent bokeh Compared to NEX 5N + 50mm 1.8? Saw some on flickr and i think they are pretty decent for a kit lens though.

Hope you guys can help a newbie here.. Thanks..

edit: and isnt it already a good deal to have all those lenses for the NEX 5N? All those are almost the same price with the NEX 6 w/ 16-50 kit lens. Just around $120 i think. But i can also just buy the expensive NEX 6 though and just save up for the other lenses.. -_-

Tough question! If you want to save as lot money as even possible and if IQ is all that counts for you, then the 5N would be a bargain, considering that it costs as little as 498 USD at right now.

However, if you are a "gadget-lover" who gets intrigued by tech stuff, you would probably soon want to upgrade your 5N since marketing, peers and every part of your body will start telling you you how "last year"  it is to use a camera that is one or more generations behind. Talking about technological obsolescence. So, if you are prone to being always at the forefront of technological innovation then it might be safer for you to get straight to the Nex6 since it indeed has quite a few more modern tech gadgets compared with the 5N. The funny thing, though, is that quite some people are of the opinion that the IQ of the 5N is still unmatched and that even the new 5R and 6 do slightly fall behind at high ISO.

In my opinion, the Nex6 is more versatile as it has more advanced manual controls, it has the possibility to expand ist features by installing apps (particularly time lapse that no Nex camera to date can do on its own), Wifi, (does it have GPS too?) and better Manual controls. Not to mention a fantastic EVF! If These Features mean anything to you, then you'll probably be better off with the Nex6, but if you only Need IQ and don't mind the lack of aforementioned features then the 5N is a steal!

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