Slight underexposure on d800 - studio work manual mode

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John Harrison
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Re: Slight underexposure on d800 - studio work manual mode

David Purslow wrote:

Hi there, simple question here,

I have just added a D800 to my collection of cameras and shot it for the first time in anger in the studio a couple of days ago.

I generally hand held meter my studio shots and have been shooting d3 / d300 for years in the studio.

the other day I set up a shot and metered it to F11.3 (I always find that that extra 3rd of a stop makes skin sing) set my d300 / d3 and d800 to 200 iso, 125th / F11 and started to take photos.

instantly I noticed that the D800 was slightly under exposing, again I am in manual mode, the histogram backed this up by just pulling in to the left a tiny bit on both the combined and red channels. The D3/D300 were perfect. I had to shoot the D800 at F10 to prefect the image.

any ideas ?


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I always find a difference with all my cameras and usually set my camera,s metering to match my hand held meter, or visa versa.

I always used this method with my film cameras also, by setting the iso higher or lower to match my meter.

With digital it is easier just adjust the metering compensation on the camera in the custom menus.


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