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ronzie wrote:

I think this review will help you find the problem:

Out of the box the illumination was measured at 380 ft/cd/m2 or nits. It was way too bright and blue difference from the sRGB color space standard was way too high out of permissible spec. Taken down to 140 nits it was well within tolerance.

You also need to decide on what you are going to use for calibration software. The Spectraview products communicate with the controls anf color look up table. You first set the video card for its standard defaults. Set the monitor for user RGB default reset. Any auto contrast, etc., should be disabled. Then you run the SV software choosing your illumination (best around 120 if you are going to print) and reference color temperature. D65 is common. You make sure ambient light minimally falls on the screen. (On my NEC P221W I have that compensation for brightness disabled.) Then the software will set brightness (of the backlight), and then the LUT's (color look up table in the monitor itself) and create a color profile for your operating system to use as well. The software if you wish can load the monitor LUTs and settings every time you start up your PC.

With 40,000 hours on the monitor you might be getting the aging CCFL backlights to dimming color temperature shifting point easily over driven at too high brightness. You also have to watch out that you are not having the video driver color settings fighting the monitor settings and backlight aging so that the color channels in each are not being over driven. The fact that your color shifts as illumination is reduced indicates one or both of these is taking place.

I think aging is not helping here. I have read that there is a video LUT and a monitor LUT. I'm
not sure how to prevent or where to look if the monitor and video are fighting each other. I thought this may be an issue before you mentioned it from all the reading I have been doing.

The Spyder series just adjusts the video card, thus the monitor needs to be manually set up correctly first.

This is something I was not aware of. I just set the monitor to factory before calibrating.

Finally the review shows the monitor should fit very nicely the sRGB color space.

I suggest you look at the color management topics in the printer forum.

I can't find the monitor on the NEC site but from that review it looks like it is not a wide gamut monitor but standard intended for sRGB color space.

As I recall from the Spectraview II FAQ NEC does not recommend using the Spyder measuring devices with their Spectraview software having found to many discrepancies if that was your plan.

I'm going to use Spectraview II from now on as it sets the monitor as well.

The review article uses different calibration software that does communicate with the monitor LUT as well as Spectraview.

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