XS1 versus Tamron 18-270 PZD on DSLR

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Re: XS1 VF Blues

PAUL TILL wrote:

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The X-S1 has a maximum refresh rate of 50 frames per second, not 5.

Whatever you say, Larry. I guess you had tested out the same X-S1 in the same store that I did. The X-S1's EVF that I had just tested refreshed at about 5fps. Well, maybe it was 7 or 8, but it definitely did not refresh as fast as 10fps, I can tell you that for a hard, cold fact. Just ask my eyes and brain.

What does the X-S1's MAXIMUM REFRESH RATES have got to do with what I had posted, anyhow? I had no idea you could actually set the refresh rate in a range, anyhow. Maybe from like 1 fresh image every 5 seconds to 50 refreshed images in every single second, who really knows?

Besides, why would anyone be daft to buy a camera that refreshes its LCD or OLED EVF or screen at 50 Herts or whatever -- and then on purpose dumb down said EVF or screen to something as ludicrous as 5 to 8fps? Which is what the X-S1 I tried out was doing, you know.

There is nothing in the manual about changing the viewfinder refresh rate. I would expect there to be, seeing as how they DO explain dog mode, cat mode, and how to install the antenna away from power lines.

X-S1 manual

Look a little further, its on page 102. Can be set to 30 or 50fps (frames per second).

You're presuming he can read Larry.


Its also a case of having actually used the camera rather than passing judgement via the keyboard. The OP either had a faulty camera or some sort of continuous face or subject area tracking turned on. If my X-S1 was as slow as the one he tested in the store, I wouldn't want it either. But as I stated, mine is instant while using AF-S center point AF, which is what I use 90% of the time.

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