A flash decision - do I need TTL?

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Re: How about an automatic flash?

Also, FWIW, I've found pets to be much more susceptible to the pre-flash TTL than people. My cat and one of my dogs blink without fail, as do ~80% of the shelter kitties I've tried to shoot that way. Since I have to use manual for that it's become a habit and I never use TTL (I have the newest Sony flash). Maybe I don't know what I'm missing in other situations, but manual seems to work just fine. I always bounce the flash if I'm really off in settings the first time it's easy enough to adjust for the second time (and then keep that setting for a while). After some trial and error I've gotten a good feel for what the settings should be just by looking at the light in the room... sure my brain's not quite as good as the Sony algorithms, but I still get good photos!

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