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Re: D5200 has shadow banding

Mark van Dam wrote:

This looks to me like a software problem.

Unfortunately not, as I can clearly see it in the same DSC_0099.NEF starting from an EV correction of only +1 in both CNX2 and RT (and ACR 7.3 from +1.5) with neutral profiles and everything disabled. The NEF is a 14 bit Compressed file - but compression has nothing to do with it because lossy compression does not affect the first 100+ raw values at all, kicking in only after that, and here we are looking at raw values below 20.

On the other hand in its defence the banding is amost invisible at +2EV in the green raw channel (mean of 9.4 but with the double benefit of receiving more light, and having more sensels to average the noise away) and only apparent in the red (mean of 6.2) and blue (mean of around 2?) - that's 11.4 and 13 stops below saturation respectively. Also, perhaps it's just this sensor.

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