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Noise is an over-rated problem, imo. 10 thoughts.

not necessarily in order of importance, and there are probably other reasons, but everyone likes 10 things:

1. if you are printing, a lot of the noise just won't be evident.

2. even if you are not, noise is generally most apparent when one is viewing an image to specifically look for it.  We do that here all the time because we are evaluating gear, but if that is how you are approaching an image, out of the gate, then I'd say that's a skewed way at looking at images.

3. faults of any kind in an image are most apparent to about 1% of the population

4. noise mitigation is not that big a deal in PP.

5. for those who say they don't want to do any PP, then why is noise bothersome?  If you care about noise, then don't you care enough about your images to manage a bit of PP?

6. noise is mostly a "problem" in lower light situations... but there are other problems in those situations that are a bigger deal, imo---like camera shake, contrast problems, etc.

7. correct exposure (which the camera doesn't always do by itself, btw...) also helps mitigate noise.

8. per 2 & 3 above, the important things in an image are usually subject and content related, with the techniques running third in that race.  It's not that technique is not important---it is indeed---but it is like what one of my grad school professors once said to me in a moment of clarity:  "Don't let the technique get in the way of the work".  Now, a corollary of all this is that some work is mostly about technique as a value, and in that case then yes, noise will matter (although on occasion that will mean more noise...).

9. per 8 above, noise is also only one aspect of technique/ technical quality.  Arguably (or maybe not!) it is not the most important one.

10. finally (for this set) the noise differences are no longer enough to trump other qualities of the camera---like the ergonomics which you rightly mentioned prominently in your post

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