5D MK III? $3,500 mistake

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Re: 5D MK III? $3,500 mistake

The shutter on mine stopped working 3 weeks after i received it. I was very disappointed but i sent it into Canon repair. It took 1.5 weeks for them to repair it (replace the shutter assembly) and send it back to me. That was 1,000's of photos ago and my 5D MKIII has operating flawlessly and providing me with a lot of photographic pleasure since.

Is it disappointing to be an unlucky one that receives one that breaks down ? Yes .....

Do things break yes ? Nothing is perfect ..... cars that are MUCH more expensive $$$$$$ than your $3,500 camera break. It doesn't mean they are all crap or "bricks". Where do you think the idea for "warranties" came from ?

You bring it in, they fix and you move on with your life.

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