epl-5 or oly xz-2 sony rx100 pana Lx7

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Re: epl-5 or oly xz-2 sony rx100 pana Lx7

For travel purposes size is important. Every time I take several cameras i find myself using the smaller ones the most not just for convenience but also because people do not pay attention to someone with a small camera whereas a DLSR or even a MILC with large kit lens draws attention.

I would go with the RX100 because it is the smallest of the cameras you mentioned and the IQ is amazing for such a small camera. I recently took a OM-D and RX100 on vacation and though the OOC JPGs from the RX100 held their own with the OM-D. The RX100 is noticeably smaller than the other cameras on your list.

I just bought the LX7 when Amazon had one of their $299 sales. I had been disappointed in the LX3 and LX5 but the LX7 has vastly improved user interface, and better OOC JPG's. It is 24mm at the wide end, which neither the RX100 or XZ-2 has. Very fun camera, IQ is not in the same class as RX100 but certainly more than acceptable most of the time. Very nice camera for low light shots with a faster lens than the Sony. If you like arty-farty filters the LX7 has some nice options and they can be applied to existing images when ever you want to create a new JPG.

I bought and returned the XZ-1 due to poor auto exposure functions and I have read similar complaints about the XZ-2. It is also bigger than the RX100 and LX7.

EPL-5 with kit lens is so much larger than the the others - not sure why you are comparing a MILC along with compacts, but from what I have seem from my OM-D and the RX100, the RX100 is an easy choice as a back up travel camera just because of its very small size. The LX7 would be a good choice if you really want the 24mm and the $299 price comes back but at its normal price, no way.

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