Do you think the image of SD14(SD15/DP1/2) is cleaner than that of SD1m(DP1m/2m) ?

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Re: SD-1 is cleaner, but you need to expose differently

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

but to get at it you need to over-expose a bit. In that sort of white snow shot for example, you'd probably expose the SD-1 at +1.7. Possibly even higher.

The the shadows would look fine.

Snow should always be over exposed, one or even two stops.

But, you claim that normal shots also shall be over exposed some? In that case it hints at Sigma being somewhat too optimistic regarding to ISO number.

I think Kendall is maybe proving your theory with a real life example:

The older cameras had better red/brown tone detail than the Merrill, the kind of color that often exists in shadows in nature. Thus, overexposing prevents these areas to go monochrome when pushed.

I'm not sure the dynamic range is very different between the generations, my DP2 and DP2M feel rather similar in practice, but the SD15 is completely different from both of them in that it has less highlight headroom.

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