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victorian squid wrote:

MITDelay wrote:

...One thing I would not like the 6d (so I got the 5d3 instead) is that 6d is not magnesium alloy body. If 6d housing is similar to the 60d, then after one year the body starts creaking and squeaking when you move it around.

Really? Don't tell that to my 60D. It's a year old with about - gosh - 16-18k actuations? And it feels as composed as the day I got it. In fact, so does my old 400D, which has probably 90k actuations on it. The old 350D last I saw it (it got borrowed by our CEO and occasionally surfaces) was feeling fine too, but looking pretty sad. The fake grips on those just sort of rub off.

When I pick up the 60 esp with a heavier lens, it starts squeaking becuase the plastics become loose, making it feal cheap. the alloy bodies have much more solid feel

Anyway, I've not noticed any sort of "loosening" of any of my plastic bodied cameras, but will still agree that the metal ones have a certain heft and even balance lacking on their resin cousins. Of course, a 70-200 f2.8 on the rebel - there's really no way to hold the body to find out - you can barely make out the camera!

One thing I've noticed that I don't like about the metal bodies is that the paint wears off on the edges, where the plastic is the same color all the way through and doesn't show wear or scratches.

chjeers and good luck


Lucky for all of you then, mine does loosen a bit at the handle when I put on my 24-70 2.8 II and move it around  quickly. You can feel the handle bend ever so slightly. Probably the 6d won't have this problem but, nevertheless, it is a reason that turned me off from the 6d.

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