My new D5200 - Serious backfocus problem

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Re: My new D5200 - Serious backfocus problem

HankK wrote:

This afternoon, I received my D5200 and a 35mm f1.8. All of my first shots were out-of-focus with severe back focus problems. When I switched to live view -- perfect but slow focus.

I tried area focus and single focus point with the OVF and nothing helped. I tried my two sharpest lenses, the 24mm f1.4g and my 35mm f1.4g. All had the same major back focus problem.

Unlike the D800E, this camera has no fine focus adjustment for lenses however the back focus problem is so severe that I do not think it could be fixed with this fine adjustment.

I checked the firmware level on the camera. The firmware level is blank. I looked on the Nikon webiste to see if a firmware version was available but nothing.

I CANNOT BELIEVE that Nikon released a camera this this error. Maybe I have the only bad camera. Sadly it appears to be the same problem that another reviewer found. It was that review that led me to try the liveview focus approach.

On the positive side the live view focused photos look pretty impressive. I will do much more testing tomorrow with full daylight. Sadly I can only use the camera in liveview mode.

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I have read that the D5200 has the same focus system as the D7000.  There have been numerous reports of focus issues with the D7000.  I have come to realize that many were the result of user error.  However, in those cases where the focus issue is real, as yours may be, I have taken comfort from the knowledge that the camera allowed for in camera focus correction.  The fact that this feature is unavailable in the D5200 means that your only recourse is to return the camera if this problem persist, or send it in to Nikon for adjustment.  The lack of camera based focus correction, and the lack of the in camera focus motor, are two big reasons why I am very hesitant to consider the D5200.  I will likely wait for the D7000 replacement.  In your case, as others have stated, I wouldn't waste too much time messing around with it.  Just exchange it and it's likely your problem will be solved.

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