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Re: Resolution and magnification

Indeed.  When I finally get down to quantifying the effect of the optical corrector, I will be using one or another Adaptall, because I can't think of a better way** to use the same lens both with the OC (single element, sourced from Kood, looks like it's got a hint of MC about it).  Well, the 'same' lens with just the OC added as a difference.

a) lens + Adaptall to M42 adapter then the OC and then b) simple Adaptall to Nikon

It's an interesting dilemma (although of course off topic here, sorry OP), because the OC is actually a very simple teleconverter, at about 1.1:1 magnification.  If I use a prime lens - the wonderful Tamron SP 90/2.5 is favourite - then I have to move the camera position to get the same FOV; or if I use the 35-80 I need to zoom which also complicates things. I think I'm convinced that the same FOV is a good thing.

I'm off to read the original post again, and may have something to offer that's more on topic than this.

** It is possible to 'test' non-adaptall M42s (including the Tak 50/1.4s) with and without the OC, but only at close range (by which I mean not needing infinity focus); which I have always thought was a flawed way of quantifying an "infinity focus adapter".

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