What would cause you to switch to canon?

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Re: What would cause you to switch to Canon?

GMack wrote:

Service, or lack of quality service, might be it for me.

Denial of warranty claims, or not standing behind their product in the event of a known manufacturing defect among their users. Nikon USA's "Impact damage" excuse is almost there for me if they expect owners to treat the stuff as jewelery in the field and look for a scratch as a means to void a warranty.

Extraordinary high-priced repair fees with lackluster degree of service ability requiring something to go back numerous times to fix correctly - or if they can fix it at all.

Poor or non-existent field support: i.e. Poor and slow support to dealers, independent repair shops, or users at home. Non-support at major events.

Questionable auto-focus with a poor perfect hit rate.

Lack of an true "International Warranty" vs. a questionable "Regional" one.

Unknowledgeable support, and support that fails to follow through (e.g. returns calls, email. etc.).

Inability to fix what they make. Also, denial that anyone else could do a better job than them.

Very slow repairs (3+ months) due to back-ordered parts.

Poor quality control leading to many new "Out of box" returns or repairs.

Passing off refurbished to mean "Wiped-off and re-boxed" and not really "fixed." Goes for retailers too.

Rush-to-market without sufficient field testing (Letting public be the beta testers.).

Argumentative lower-tier support staff with non-existent (or "in hiding") supervisor/management staff over some issue that could be handled far better and more positive. Example: "Your battery door fell off? Let me get your name and info and I'll put one in today's mail for free. (or even 'paid.')" verses "Your battery door fell off? You need to send it to us along with $250. Takes about 3 weeks overall. Have a nice day." ... 'click.'

Getting back serviced items only to have to go back numerous times for the same thing or something they did wrong.

For entertainment, reading some of the customer issues in the following links are interesting for anyone on the fence, aside from the rankings.

Canon Customer Service complaints.

Nikon Customer Service complaints.


Canon is better? 1D Mk III AF fiasco. 5D MkII infamous black spots in specular light sources. 5D high ISO banding. Inaccurate TTL flash. Lack of an in body or proprietary remote flash trigger, only now just catching up. 5D Mk III's SD card slot is not UDMA compliant, slowing down the write process.

There are horror stores of Canon service too. The ggreen isn't greener, just a different shade.

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