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OrenPhoto wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I went for a walk in the city yesterday (Sydney) and when I came back home I found out that the exposures were too long so most of my pictures were blurry.

After reading all your posts and playing with my camera, I think I found out how the camera behaves and the solution for low light shots with moving objects.

Yesterday my camera was set to auto ISO so I thought that when having low light, the camera would boost the ISO up all the way and only then use lower shutter speed but this is not the case.

In some shots, the camera chose ISO 320 and shutter speed 1/40 so it came out blurry.

I think this is because the default ISO I used was 200. I thought that this value is meaningless if the ISO was set to auto but this is not the case. the camera assumes you want to use ISO 200 and goes up from there.

The solution, in my opinion for low light shots is to set the default ISO to 1600 or 3200 (even though the auto ISO is on) and then the camera starts from there and goes down if necessary and uses faster shutter speeds.

In the picture attached (from yesterday) you can see that the camera used ISO 500 and shutter speed 1/40 so the face is blurry.

Tell me if you think I'm wrong about the settings and hope it helps.

The Max. ISO is a 'firm' limit and the Min. Shutter Speed is a 'soft' limit.

You don't say what your Auto ISO settings are. Mine are Max. ISO 3200, Min. Shutter Speed 1/60 and my ISO setting is 200.

With these settings in A mode, the camera will try to maintain ISO at 200 if a shutter speed of 1/60 or higher will give a correct exposure. If the image would be underexposed the camera will keep the shutter at 1/60 and raise the ISO accordingly up to the maximum set, in my case ISO 3200. If this would still result in an underexposure the camera will then ignore the Min. shutter speed which has been set and lower it in order to take a correctly exposed picture.

If your Max ISO is set to, say, ISO 800 the camera will start to lower shutter speeds much sooner as it  will not raise the ISO above the maximum set.

If you set your default ISO to ISO 1600 or ISO 3200 as you suggest the camera will never select a lower ISO. It can only raise the ISO from the default to the Max. never lower it.

This is all assuming that DR is set to 100. DR200 changes minimum ISO to 400 and DR400 changes it to ISO 800.

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