For the fun of it , Sony 70-400G on Oly EM5

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Re: For the fun of it , Sony 70-400G on Oly EM5

Ron Co wrote:

Thanks Dave

Tasmania has its good points and a few not so good at present, if only there was a part of the world where idiots were not present , all our worst fires were "accidents" meaning stiupid people doing stupid things when common sense says they should not be doing them -- but that is another story

we were lucky ,so far , no fires less than about 10 km from us to date, but it was not fun watching the valley fill with smoke day after day and knowing what others were going through, and the terrible suffering of the wildlife and forests . Your firends place was closer to the worst fires than us , hope they were OK

We have a lovely relationship with the wallabies etc which visit us nightly for the food we offer them , we do not try to make contact or tame them just enjoy seeing them up close ,even if it is often in the dark ,now and then an individual will break the pattern as recently and visit during the day that is always great , we have wombats here but have only seen them in front of the house once -at 3 am!!_ quolls often visit , brush tailed possums also but mainly pademelons and Bennetts wallabies and during the day we have our family of native hens that are more fun than a pet dog they are so attentive ,cannot step outside without them rushing up to us , lovely stuff for wildlife to feel that confident with us .Alenka laughs I can be outside with an axe cutting firewood and the birds are standing right beside me fearless, most Tasmanians think of the native hen as a scatterbrained crazy road runner but they are really intelligent and very social wonderful to watch interacting

OK bored you long enough off to the pond once more to try a few morning shots - I have a 500mm mirror lens I want to try again

I think you will enjoy your Oly but if you read my other reply they are not perfect either (none are)

regards and best


There were a few "idiots" around when I was there a few years ago, aren't they called "Hoons" ? and a couple of fires started, luckily Tasmania is fairly well prepared for such things, and they were dealt with before they got out of hand.

I have traveled extensively over the years, and one thing I can tell you is that there are always problems wherever you have.......people! Having said that, Tazzy is one of my favorite places because it has far less than most places, and being able to drive 50 kilometers without seeing another being has been a highlight of my stay there!

When I first arrived at my friends place, their kids would tell me about all the Pademelons they would see in the paddock at night, not knowing any better, I wondered what kind of strange Irish vegetable this could be having never heard of it before, it was a week later when coming back from an evening in Hobart that I was enlightened by the sight of lots of small Wallaby like creatures in the head lights!!

I remember your native hens being everywhere (a sort of Moorhen on steroids!) never got a close shot of one though!

I'm intrigued by the 500mm mirror lens, it's a shame there is no middle ground with these, they seem to be really cheap or top of the range and out priced.

Also an interesting concept, having a small form factor, but from what I've seen, IQ is not the best to be a viable option for wildlife, fun to play with though I'm sure!

Would be interested in your views when you've had a play?

All the best,


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