The End of Photography

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Re: The Answer is ......

The friend of my stepson opened up a computer games shop a couple of years back down here in a small town in south west England. He took over from a franchised chain computer games shop that went bust. Guess what, he is doing rather well despite the recession and making a living out of it. He is doing all sorts of things the previous occupier couldn't do due to their corporate straight jacket. He is giving local kids what they want and they are keeping him busy in return.

Businesses like Jessops went to the wall for the simple reason they where rubbish, they had an unsustainable business model and did nothing to innovate, to adapt and to change with the world.  I used to and still do drive for nearly 2 hours down to Mifsuds in Brixham rather than go to my local useless Jessops.

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