Manual focus. why the obsession?

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Re: Manual focus. why the obsession?

BillyInya wrote:

AngDaga wrote:

I'm been shooting since 2003 with a DSLR and recently with an XE1. I don't use manual focus, ever. Well, maybe a couple time in really low light when I can't get focus. Everyone here seems obsessed over manual focusing. I feel like I'm a fairly competent photographer, but I wonder what am I missing. Sincere question here, I feel like maybe need to learn some more in this area.

Hard to believe you are saying that.

I have NEVER taken a close/semi close portrait and not used manual focus. When you are working with shallow dof you need to be a pin sharp on exactly what you want in focus.

Might be showing my age and style here but I really can't imagine trusting auto focus no matter how good the system is.


Interesting... I use a 5D and 50/1.2 and 85/1.4 and 135/2.0 all at widest aperture and always use AF and never had issues getting the focus nailed. With manual focus and the modern screen on my 5D I would feel lost to get the focus exactly right.

With my old Contax and Zeiss 50/1.4 this was a totally different game. The screens were different and made it easy to focus manually even without micro prisms and split screen. I would actually rather trust the AF than a modern screen in the view finder.

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