Olympus 12-50 variation

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Re: Olympus 12-50 variation - perhaps not

Rens wrote:

... the replacement 12-50 is definitely softer than the (perfectly good) one I returned.

Maybe this explains the different opinions we're getting on the 12-50.

I posted this a couple of days ago, and followed by quickly comparing my replacement 12-50 with the Panasonic 14-45 that came with my wife's G1 a couple of years ago - I've always thought this 14-45 was a good lens. The 12-50 images were clearly fuzzier, confirming my view that the replacement 12-50 was soft.

But in further tests today on the OMD, both tripod and hand held, I can't replicate this difference. The 100% centre crops below (of the view from my office window) shows a very small difference, but hardly one you'd notice in real life. And the 12-50 having a greater zoom range, you could expect IQ to suffer from some extent. The OMD settings were the same, only the lens changed. I shot several comparisons, those below are typical.

So unless my 12-50 has miraculously improved overnight, I must have been wrong. I'm puzzled, but will get out again and see how I feel about it in general use.

´╗┐Olympus 12-50

´╗┐Panasonic 14-40

So I must withdraw my comment about 12-50 quality variation. We live and hopefully learn.

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