D800 focus with 1.4 prime lenses is very variable and inaccurate

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: My conclusion after my D800 went 3 times to Nikon service

primeshooter wrote:

Having said that, with shallow depth of field, I often have to "tweak" the focus of the D600 too, despite the focus point looking like it is landing on the subject. I go as far as to take multiple shots, turning the focus ring a tiny amount each time, knowing one of them will be optimal and I'll throw out the rest.

Try this when shooting a wedding

Definitely less than ideal.  

I often use this procedure with the D600.  Meter lock with thumb, recompose.  Focus lock with shutter, recompose.  Fire off shot.  Switch to manual focus.  Fire off a few more tweaking the focus both ways from auto.  Too many times the first shot, isn't the best.  With some lenses the procedure is different.  For example the Sigma 70-200 doesn't seem to like to use it's close range focus so I manually focus it inside 3 feet.  If I don't, it often just hunts and doesn't focus at all.

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