Will 4/3 Handle Moving Objects/Quick Shots?

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Re: Test site

There is blackout lag and shear frustration trying to follow moving objects with an EVF.

I tried capturing rapids rafters with my DSLR Canon 7D and the OM-D. After switching back and forth a few times I gave up on the OM-D due to missing the action while the cameraEVF was blacked out or lagging. I even think it's preferrable to use the rear screen and like the other poster said, just fire a volley and hope on hits.

There just aren't these obstacles with a decent OVF and PDAF. I've never had to fire blind with the 7D and hope for a good shot. This is especially important since all cameras have a very limited buffer, then you're standing there hoping one or two of the rapidfire bursts will be good while action is being missed due to slow buffer->card dumping.

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