a landscape lense for a D600

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Re: Really depends on your shooting style and preferences

you are very right in what you have said.

My sole problem is staying in a small town in Himachal, India I do not have the luxury to hold and get a feel of the new body or lenses.

Also with the kind of pictures i enjoy taking 2.8 would come handy but majority the 24-120 would suffice. Only reason am opting for this over the 24-85 is wanted a bit more range in my 16-85 in DX format. And i generally did not enjoy the lense as much as others seem to have.

I have written to Nikon and they have asked me to come to their main center in gurgaon near new delhi to try out the body and hopefully the lenses.

As for diff lenses suiting diff indivisuals, am an amateur also have had a baby girl and each day am missing out on some amazing pictures.

Waiting for my rx100 to arrive to suffice till i make my decision.

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