D800 focus with 1.4 prime lenses is very variable and inaccurate

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Another example of the D800's poor focus ability:

Again, if anyone wants to see the full 36MP uncompressed image I will email it. On here, click original image then press "+".

Full size resized to 20mp:

Focus is clearly in front on his elbow, arm area. Again, true single point, AF-S no area modes, no auto.

I also have many that are badly focused behind the intended point. It seems the camera really has no idea where to focus alot of the time. (D and G lenses suffer - so please don't chime in and tell me it won't happen with a G lens). I own the 24mm 1.4G and the 50mm 1.4G and they both have it. I retook the next shot with contrast LV autofocus. Perfectly in focus, and the resolution of this camera allowed me to clearly see his big long eyelashes from this distance. With the PDAF I might as well put butter over my lens. This is not camera or subject motion, nor me moving or toddler movingout of the plane of focus when pushing the shutter. Like I said LV af gets it most of the time (much more than pdaf) and it takes about 3 seconds to take the picture in which alot of more movement could happen. Literally have so many shots like this now that aren't focused correctly.

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