5D MK III? $3,500 mistake

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Re: 5D MK III? $3,500 mistake

My 5D2 came D.O.A. and I had to persist getting a replacemnt instead of repair. I was at the time quite shocked this sort of thing could happen on expen$ive pro gear.

The replacement which was not a completely unopened new unit has worked well these past 3 years. Since this experience my first two weeks with any photographic equipment is checking all functions and tolerances. Seems like almost all manufacturers are skimping on QC these days. I also am reluctant to buy from retailers withou brick and morter shops since returning stuff by post is not desireable. At least with Canon they had a 3rd party repair site I could personally drive to to drop off the equipment.

It appears to be cheaper to just ship everything and deal with the mishaps. How do we get manufacturers to stop this? I don't think it's possible anymore, companies can perform spin recovery with some slick ads or FB promos. I wonder if Leica owners have these issues?

I'm still peeved about my out of round aperture blades on my RX1, am still tring to determine if the resulting out of round bokeh highlights are defective or acceptable. Then I also have the cracked bezel on the OM-D but feel it should hold, at least the eyecap hasn't fallen off yet.

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