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ANSWER To Carl question

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I saw somewhere (not sure where) that there is an A58 coming and I was wondering what y'all think may be improved, added, etc.

I have the a57 and really like it. Quite surprised that there may be a new model coming so soon.

Thanks for your thoughts


A58 will have the 2.4mp resolution LCD viewfinder with a faster auto switch, apps, new sensor, wifi or GPS, new processor (for faster start up/warm up times), refined Jpeg engine, and new hot shoe shown on the A99.



We know you're alway's ahead with info about Sony, I have some questions : what about the rumor of a FLIPUP mirror system for the new DSLR Sony camera, any truth about that, because this is a major step for Sony SLR systems if true, what do you think, thanks.

I haven't heard anything on my end about that, certainly feasible though.

‚Äč I 's a surprice to me that you did not heard about that , it's even already a patent from Sony see this link : http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr3-next-generation-slt-cameras-coming-with-mirror-flip-up-mode-with-patent/

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