Manual focus. why the obsession?

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Re: Manual focus. why the obsession?

AngDaga wrote:

I'm been shooting since 2003 with a DSLR and recently with an XE1. I don't use manual focus, ever. Well, maybe a couple time in really low light when I can't get focus. Everyone here seems obsessed over manual focusing. I feel like I'm a fairly competent photographer, but I wonder what am I missing. Sincere question here, I feel like maybe need to learn some more in this area.

I used the 18 & 35 Fuji lenses on the X-E1, for indoor portraits the 35 can be very slow and inaccurate so I'll often manually focus it, the 60mm lens is a pain to manually focus fast and is even slower to AF than the 35 so I'll use either an Leica M mount 50 or a Nikon/Pentax fast 50mm.

I also use a 21mm M mount lens for street photography as the 18mm is sometimes too wide and the 35mm too narrow and both can be too slow to focus, the 21mm lets me zone focus quickly by looking at the focus scale on the lens itself which you can't do with the Fuji lenses.

Nothing I've used on the X-E1 so far beats the Fuji X lenses for sharpness and clarity but some manual focus lenses to produce nice colours and a different rendering to the Fuji ones which you can't really get in PP.

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