Fuji 35mm f/1.4 Image Circle Size - Full Frame?

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Re: Fuji 35mm f/1.4 Image Circle Size - Full Frame?

hellocrowley wrote:

Once we move to FF I guess we'll see more clever ways of reducing lens size.

Why do you assume Fuji will move to FF? There are several very good FF cameras already. Yes, Fuji might make a fixed lens FF to compete with the RX1, but it would be more expensive than the X100s which by all accounts will have excellent dynamic range. I think APS-C is a 'sweet spot' for most people, offering excellent image quality and, with a f1.4 or f2.0 lens, plenty of scope for selective focusing and smooth bokeh.

IMO, FF means bigger and more expensive for marginal increases in image quality and creative control.

IMHO, some people are not confident in their understanding of the effects of sensor size and lens aperture on image quality and creative control and so have to 'play safe' and assume they will need FF. There is nothing 'magical' about the FF size - if APS-C is not big enough for you, how do you know FF will be? Maybe you need medium format?

I am amazed that some people think Fuji X-series lenses might be suitable for use with FF sensors. Fuji have designed the lenses, very well in my opiniion, for APS-C to balance lens size and image quality. While some longer focal length X-series lenses might just have an image circle big enough to cover FF, there would be lots of vignetting and quality would deteriorate rapidly towards the edges as there the lenses would be being used well outside the area for which they have been optimized.

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