Manual focus. why the obsession?

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Re: Manual focus. why the obsession?

AngDaga wrote:

I'm been shooting since 2003 with a DSLR and recently with an XE1. I don't use manual focus, ever. Well, maybe a couple time in really low light when I can't get focus. Everyone here seems obsessed over manual focusing. I feel like I'm a fairly competent photographer, but I wonder what am I missing. Sincere question here, I feel like maybe need to learn some more in this area.

Everyone has their reason or reasons.

Mine is that I won't be purchasing X lenses for the simple reason: fly by wire doesn't allow post-shutter actuation refocus/compose for long exposures, movement precisely timed to human input, using the lenses on other cameras (if I wanted to) is a big pain, relying on live adapters, and there is no film mount for the X.

I don't own a single AF lens and unless I start getting a lot of work covering small interviews, I will probably not even ever own a zoom.

Coming to the X from the outside, with a host of really good lenses at your disposal is probably the biggest reason for using lenses already in the bag.

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