Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

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Re: Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

You are not asking for this but I did own the 7-14mm lens.  Very sharp.

Then I got the Rokinon 7.5mm for MFT mount and sold the 7-14mm without any regrets.


1. Size. The weight saved can easily go to another prime such as the 20mm or 45mm.

2. Rokinon is super sharp wide open at f3.5

3. I can crop the Rokinon in case I don't need so wide. Mileage varies here but I don't mind a 8-9 megapixel shot that's very very sharp.

4. When corrected for distortion, people just look far more natural on the Rokinon than the 7-14.  I never could correct that using Photoshop elements to my liking but the Rokinon is easy.


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