D90 user thinking about move to D600

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Re: A few pieces of advice, though

paulski66 wrote:

  1. I miss the wide-angle i enjoyed with the 12-24; my guess is you'll miss the 11-16mm range as well.

There are plenty of affordable FX lenses that cover ultra wide.

  1. Batteries aren't compatible; you 'll need to factor in buying a spare.

Theres a whopping $20

  1. Unless you happen to have large, fast memory cards that you use with your d90, be prepared to shell out a few bucks for those as well. I'd say minimum of two fast 16 gig cards.

I got 2 32 SanDisk Ultras for $50 (again, this is pretty typical to upgrade to the newest tech.)

  1. 24 mp files are big. They take up lots of storage, and they take a lot of processing power and RAM to load, manipulate, and batch process. I had a 4 year old computer 3 months ago; now I have a 6 week old computer.

Your ccomputer must have been pretty bad because I have a 5 year old computer that has no problem processing 24mp over 12mp (Cant even see i difference really). Storage is no big deal either. you'll get a minimum of 43,628 or more 24mp photos on a 1 tb drive. I currently have over 80k on my 1tb drive and room for about another 80k

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