What is the human eye equivalence of 35mm format?

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When I was very young and just starting in photography it was commonly said in photographic circles that 45-50mm on a standard 35mm camera gave about the same field of view and perspective as the human eye. That was why 50mm was the standard lens for most slrs (or other cameras) at that time. I got out my ff and checked this and I'd reckon it is very close to being so (human eyes vary a little). Which would make 33mm on a Nex about right.

On the 21/4 square TLR cameras such as Rolleiflex that were much sought after in those days, the standard lens was 80mm and this gave about the same perspective although in the square format.

In them days we regarded anything (on 35mm) shorter than 45-50 as going wide angle and anything longer as veering to telephoto.

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