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Re: LOW ISO ??

Dave Luttmann wrote:

nautigar wrote:


There is visible noise in blue skies at ISO 100.

Google for "7D LOW ISO Noise".

Most people don't seem to bother too much. That's OK. But for me, being a pixel peeper, it is not.

That's fine to pixel peep...but it would not even show in a large who cares. No need for noise reduction because you cant see it in print. So unless you give away full rez files for the public to wont make a difference.

I've produced 45" wide prints from 100-400 iso without r and have no noise in the sky. Seems people are way too fixated with noise. Even 16x24 portraits from my old 10D at iso 400 sold without ever a comment about noise.

One of my best sellers is also from the 10D, but at iso 800 and also no comment about noise. As I recall, I usually ran it at iso 400, but needed fast shutter. My printer only does 13x19 but it looks good to there. Actually, I can not remember when I used less than iso 400 with any DSLR, as I always want fast shutter.


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