5D MK III? $3,500 mistake

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I am sympathetic that you received a defective camera, I really am. But the way you are conducting yourself on this forum is frankly embarrassing.

First off, you chose to purchase a camera from a very well-known retailer with a very well-known return policy. You could have purchased from a different camera store with a different return policy. If return time and cost are a major factor for you, perhaps you should have bought your camera from a local brick-and-mortar store?

Instead, you chose the best online deal and now you are faced with the consequences of it. Why do you think online prices need to be lower than brick and mortar stores? Another way to think of it: Even with the extra cost of sending it back to B&H, I'm betting that you are still saving money over buying it locally.

Did you try to call Canon? I just sent in a 5D3 for some warranty work and they surprised me by offering to pick up the tab for sending it in. I received a prepaid UPS label that included shipping and insurance. If you tried to get it fixed rather than returning it to B&H, perhaps your case would have qualified for it too?

Also, it just sounds like you had a defective camera. It's not the shutter mechanism that's failed on you so what does quoting the MTBF shutter life have anything to do with anything? What's the point with listing all the lenses and memory cards that it won't work with? Other than trying to pontificate and make your problem sound more dramatic, of course.

With the way you are posting in this thread, the only thing you've succeeded in doing is making yourself sound like a spoiled, entitled brat.

pdxpix wrote:

Shooting Canon digital since 2003 and finally took the FF plunge on the 5D MK III / 24-105 f/4L kit from B&H for $3,499 (including Sandisk 16GB UDMA card and extra battery). Deal sounded too good to be true and it was.

After only 85 shots on the MK III the camera croaked. Menus still visible and most controls work. But no shutter release or autofocus anymore. Cannot even take a shot in manual focus mode. Tried 4 different batteries (3 Canon, 1 aftermarket), four different CF and SD cards (none Eye-Fi), and same problem.

No error message code displayed (seen lots of Error 80 threads online), but the $3,500 Canon camera no longer talks to five different Canon lenses: 24-105 f/4L, 70-200 f/4L IS, 70-200 f/2.9L IS II, 50 f/1.4 USM, 85 f/1.8 USM. Zip. Nada. Absolutely no way to activate the shutter or autofocus, even after resetting all the menus settings, thinking something must have got bumped in software.

Thankfully, I kept the 7D, which has performed flawlessly for nearly 3 years. FWIW, the 85 shots taken were beautiful. For a shutter rated at 150,000 clicks, my odometer didn't get to 100.

Pop Photo Camera of the Year? No way.

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