SX50 Mini-Reviews Christmas Special - Did you find your new camera under the tree?

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Re: Hey! New pictures from my SX50

VisionLight wrote:

sharksanks wrote:

PS - Can you post a picture of your camera case? I'm getting ripped off by the canon dealer here so I want to see what an original looks like.

This is the case I use for my SX50. I used it previouslly fo rmy SX40, but the slightly smaller SX50 fits even better and the camera can be easily grabbed in shooting position from my waist with my right hand.

Post processing is a fun skill once you find a program that you feel comfortable using. As mentioned previously, I use Photoshop CS6 (recently upgraded from CS5) because of the vast featureset and because it supports 30 bit processing in OpenGL mode on my high end workstations. But it is an expensive deal and has a high learning curve. Photoshop Elements (current version is 11) is much less expensive and can always be found on sale. It has a lot of the features of PhotoshopCS, especially the basic and middle level ones, and a lot of automation for the beginner. You may like it. But others here may suggest other programs to start with that I may have tried or tested earlier versions of, but no longer use. One of these in their latest version may also fit your needs well.


Hey Vision,

Thanks for the picture of the case. I finally got 1 that's made specifically for the SX50.

I need to start spending some time on learning post processing. I downloaded the GIMP. I'll also look at photoshop. Thanks for the suggestions.

Have you taken any portraits? I am having a difficult time finding the right setting. Also composing the picture takes some time and the subjects just become disinterested, hehe.


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