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MarioV wrote:

PC Wheeler wrote:

Jon_T wrote:

MarioV wrote:

G15 is no less "plasticy" than the rest. But if thats what will make you happy, then go for it.

Base upon your reply you've apparently have not held/used the G15.
I have the G15 and agree with dpreview's comments:
"... The build-quality is as good as it gets. The camera feels like a mini-EOS 1D, extremely solid with soft and comfortable rubberized hand grip and thumb rest. The magnesium alloy surfaces have been very slightly roughened, giving them a quality feel. It'll be hard to find another compact camera that feels this well put together. ..."

Bold emphasis by me:
"... The G15's screen itself is a large, high-resolution 3" 920k dot unit with a tempered glass cover and a wide viewing angle. ..."

Well put, with proof. I've owned several of the G-series camera, including now the G15, and they have all seemed well build and well specified. The G15 is the best P&S I've owned, construction wise and otherwise.

Meh. If you guys want to use a tank, you're welcome to it.

Oh yeah, definately a tank. LOL
Have you ever even held one? Give me a break.

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