D600 dim light sports shooting settings

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Re: D600 is a bit different.

It has less x-sensors and low light works best with dynamic 9-points.

that's probably the case, yeah. either way, you probably want to be use the cross-type points.

I would not fix iso yet. Use auto iso cause it lets you decide what minimum shutter speed you need. And that's what you want in BB: a fast enough shutter speed.

this is true, but i find it (personally) easier to just set that minimum shutter speed in manual, or to set the ISO high enough that i don't have to worry about it, than changing menu settings. i use auto-ISO a whole lot for other uses, most of which don't require sport speeds.

your mileage may vary; there's no one right way to do this. hell, i know people that just meter the field and shoot the whole thing completely manually.

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