My new D800 appears (possibly) less than new

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Re: My new D800 appears (possibly) less than new

ADMint wrote:

NikonManSoCal wrote:

If the body was a USA warranty unit (e.g. was officially 'imported' in the US for sale, the serial sticker will have a "U" on it, as well as a USA warrant card in the box.

You sure about that because my D800E has no "U" in the serial number sticker, but it did come with a USA warranty card in the box, with matching serial number, and no "U"

Ironically, my first D800, which I swapped for the E, had no warranty card.

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Some, not all, Nikon USA products have the "U"designation. My D800 did. It is possible that the D800E, being of much smaller demand (production/shipping wise) is not differentiated as such.

On your D800 w/o warranty card - yeah that is a dead ringer for a customer return - surprising me that the retailer would even accept it back w/o the card - unless it shipped that way.

In the end, there aren't any definitive answers to any of these serial number- production date mysteries it appears. It would be nice if someone reverse engineered Nikon's serials to production dates (if even possible).

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