Merrill sensored cameras ARE 30MP luminance equivalents to 30MP cameras!

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Re: DPR review data

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Tom Schum wrote:


Back to the Fuji, I did a comparison shot between my SD1 and my X-E1 and found the image quality of the SD1 to be superior. So much for measurements! It must be the microcontrast and lack of interpolation that makes the SD1 sensor look so much better.

The reason why real-world shots look better for the SD-1 is because the test charts are always showing the unrealistically optimum case for bayer sensors, and any real world shot will fall short of that result.

The Foveon sensor meanwhile doesn't care if it's shooting a test chart or a scenic woodland, it's all the same as far as the sensor is concerned.

B&W resolution charts will favour the bayer sensors but the foveons come into their own when comparing colour images. as their luma and chroma resolutions are identical.  Chroma resolution with the bayers is much lower than their luma resolution.

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