D7000 vs Sony DCS-RX100 -sharpness ?

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Re: Good Luck

winterfall wrote:

I think almost every image from the samples of the RX100 in dpreview is sharper or at least pretty sharp. I looked at your gallery and the photos of the dog. what settings have applied to the photos in camera,did you do any post processing, what lens do you use ? Your photos are sharp enough for my taste.

Do you think 16-85 mm is sharp enough for the d7000. I like the 24-70mm FX but it costs an arm and a leg -I could get two RX100 for that price.:)

I think your real question is, "If I get the RX100, will I be missing out on dSLR quality?" To that, only you can decide. The RX100 is the best compact out there, but I've had similar questions from friends who have read up on the RX100.... the image quality is good but the hype on this camera is over the top sometimes.

To that end, I think you'll be happy with the RX100. "Sharpness" is actually not a term that experienced shooters use a lot, because it doesn't accurately describe what you are seeing... it could be focus, in-camera sharpening levels, depth of field..etc.

If you got the D7000, my impression is that you would struggle in the beginning because of experience.I wouldn't discourge you from going that route either, espeically if you are very motivated to learn. Think of the RX100 as the Scion FR-S... it handles great, performs well, makes you feel like a hero. Compared to that the D7000 is like a Corvette... immensely more powerful and capable, but oh so easy to get it wrong if you haven't driven one before.

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