My new D800 appears (possibly) less than new

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Re: My new D800 appears (possibly) less than new

GMack wrote:

Time zone set to London does sound odd. Mine wasn't set and I had to set "Language" up first to use it, and then had to set the Time, Locale, etc. Yours sounds almost like it was a grey import and was used both. The battery charge may be whatever, although my first one was very long like maybe 3-4 hours to charge up.

The "actual" number of shutter actuation's taken by the camera can be seen by some software like Opanda iExif 2.3. I have it and one of my shots is in the _DSC 3,000 range, but the number of shutter trips is over 10,000 when I just checked it in Opanda. That said, I have done a lot of "FoCal" tuning/checking stuff where no files are saved to the cards so the "card count" and the "shutter count" are very different.

Link to Opanda iEXIF viewer here. I'd leave off the optional Exif editor during the install as it is shareware and the Viewer part you need is free.

Might not hurt to check your serial number vs. some that have appeared here in whatever country you are in as well.


If the body was a USA warranty unit (e.g. was officially 'imported' in the US for sale, the serial sticker will have a  "U" on it, as well as a USA warrant card in the box.

Curious that your D800 prompted for time/date/language - most recent shipping bodies appear to not have this prompt. When did you get yours?

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