D7000 vs Sony DCS-RX100 -sharpness ?

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Re: D7000 vs Sony DCS-RX100 -sharpness ?

winterfall wrote:

Hi to everybody.I've been reading a lot and looking at sample photos. Here is my question and concern. I want a quality camera - with specs like D7000 ,but here is the problem. I want my photos to be sharp out of the camera - to be like the photos that come out from the RX100.

The photos from the D7000 will look much different than those that come out of the RX100 due to things like depth of field, but they will not be less sharp if shot properly.

I read for the soft image problem of the D7000 and how it might be caused by the big pixel density.

The pixel density of the RX100 is much higher than the pixel density of the D7000.  In fact the lower pixel density of the D7000 is one of the many advantages the D7000 has over the RX100.  The RX100 is top shelf for a point and shoot, but in a lower class than the D7000 in many areas including image quality.

Some blame the problem on bad glass,but how bad it could be compared to RX100.

All of the modern Nikon lenses are plenty good enough to produce great results using the D7000 provided they are shot at favorable apertures.

Also Rx100 has a much bigger pixel density and the images are much much more sharper.

You are correct about the RX100 having a higher pixel density, but the notion that the RX100 produces sharper images than the D7000 is simply wrong.

I am confused and I really want to buy a DSLR camera. Please could somebody explain to me where is the problem.

The problem, the vast majority of the time, is user error and amateur testing.  Of course there will be the occasional defective unit, but that is the exception and not the rule.  Then there is the fact that lenses and cameras are made to certain tolerances.  Some lenses may be slightly off calibration in one direction and the camera slightly off in the opposite direction so that one particular lens does not focus correctly on a particular camera.  For those cases, the D7000 allows you to do in camera focus adjustments to make the lens focus correctly.  Lastly, cameras like the RX100 (point and shoot cameras) tend to have the in camera sharpness and contrast turned up to a high level by default.  A camera like the D7000 will take a more conservative approach by default, and leave it to the users' tastes to decide whether they want the camera to do the sharpening (you can change the default settings) or whether they would prefer to do it in post processing.

As for samples of sharp images, this forum, and many others, have untold thousands of examples of sharp images.  The D7000 is a terrific camera that is very popular and used by many fairly sophisticated users.  Do you really think all of those satisfied users would have the camera and use it if it truly was incapable of creating a sharp image?  Come on now.

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