My new D800 appears (possibly) less than new

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Re: Also got a D800 from B&H

macfred wrote:

Don't know about the scuff marks and fingerprints, but I also received my D800 with the $200 off deal, and mine was new. The S/N was 30620XX, the time was also set to London Time, and the date on mine startup was 11/02/2012 (Feb 11, 2012). NikonManSoCal also received his B&H camera the same time as mine, and his S/N was a few numbers earlier than mine.

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+1 - My camera also had that white stuff on the top (whatever it is I just wiped it off - I assumed it was residual 'talcum powder' from the plastic gloves the line workers wear when packing the cameras off the assembly line - but that is purely conjecture on my part).

There were no scratches or other anomalies. Everything was packed immaculately and sealed (manuals, etc.). Time zone is fine - it is set to UTC time (Greenwich Mean Time). My shutter count was 0. Somehow my date was set to "10-02-12" which I thought was odd. Others have received new D800's with similar dates - which I assume was the date of production. Other have claimed they are prompted to enter the date on first starting the camera - the jury is still out on this. Nikon may have originally shipped D800's without date settings, then changed this later in the production cycle to reflect the production date - possibly to alleviate customer confusion over the bodies not operating ideally unless the date was set - again this is purely conjecture on my part as there appears to be no definitive answer way.

As macfred indicated, my serial is "30620xx"

Hope this helps ....

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