LX7 Adapter Tube for Addon Lenses - Yeah!

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Re: LX7 Adapter Tube for Addon Lenses - Yeah!

My Kiwi BP211 52mm adapter tube arrived in the mail today and I immediately tested it with my favorite WA converter, the Konica Minolta ACW-100 .8X converter, mounted on the LX-7. I've used this accessory with great results on the LX-5 I previously owned. In addition, you need only a 52 to 49mm step DOWN ring to make the whole rig work.

IQ is everything I hoped for--no vignetting, even shooting at 4:3 aspect ratio, minimal distorsion, beautiful clarity and colors. A lovely way to acquire an f/1.4 19mm (EFL) wideangle.

Given the ease with which this after market Kiwi tube bayonets onto the LX-7 once you've removed the knurled silver or black ring around the lens mount, I'm at a loss to figure out why Panasonic has so far opted not to market a similar bayonet adapter tube, which would easily accept the DMW-LWA52 WA conversion lens that worked so well with the LX-5. (Perhaps it was because Panny discovered there were precious few shooters willing to pony up the $175 purchase price? Or because too few LX-5 owners were willing to accept the nose heaviness and rather bulbous profile the LWA52 + adapter tube conferred on these tiny cameras?) Although I've never owned one, I'm quite sure the LWA52 would be every bit as compatible with the LX-7 as my aforementioned ACW-100 converter. The only difference: Being a .75X converter, the LWA52 would yield an EFL of 18mm! Keep in mind, too, that there's minimal apparent loss in IQ if you zoom between 18 and 24mm.

I agree with a previous poster that the Raynox 250 is a natural accessory to use with the Kiwi tube. Plus the ACW-100 or the LWA52 and/or any additional 52mm filters, lens caps or lens shades you can think of. This, IMO, is a better way to attach filters to the LX-7 than via Panny's accessory ring adapter, which attaches to the front of the zoom lens and accepts 37mm accessories. The undeniable advantage of the 37mm ring is pocketabilty and weight, but then you forego the extra protection for the lens assembly afforded by the adapter tube.

BTW, the KM ACW-100 converter has long been discontinued, but, the last time I checked, was still available as "new old stock" from at least one online source.

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