OM-D with Panasonic 7-14 - Purple flare in real world uses???

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Re: OM-D with Panasonic 7-14 - Purple flare in real world uses???

FrankParis wrote:

Rampant Purple Flare

Shooting with this lens in sunlight is practically useless. Click on the above link for a session I just came back from shooting nothing but the 7-14mm outside. Notes from the above gallery:

Lots of pictures outdoors on a tripod illustrating how easy it is to generate purple flaring with the combination of the M4/3 Olympus E-M5 body and the thousand dollar Panasonic 7-14mm wide angle zoom lens.

The only post processing of these images was decimating the original raw 4:1 and converting to JPG. No sharpening, no levels, no nothing.

The only purpose of this gallery is to illustrate the flaring defect of this camera/lens combination. Don't expect to be impressed with photographic artistry.

It's easiest to gross out the picture with flare where the subject is high contrast, but you also most of the time get some kind of flare even with the sun at your back. I demonstrate one example where shading the lens with your hand eliminates it, but most of the time this is not possible.

I test focal lengths across the lens' total range as well as across it's total aperture range (f/4 to f/22). Stopping the lens down makes the flaring smaller but far more intense. So you can't win.
I also have a few examples where there is no flare, but by far outside on a sunny day it is much easier to get flare than eliminate it. And the flare isn't always just purple. Sometimes it's white, sometimes blue, and sometimes red!

One wonders whether people who report they don't have much trouble with purple flare with this camera/body combination just don't take a picture when there's flare in the viewfinder, or whether I just have a bad lens. Aside from flare, however, it's an excellent lens. Indoors with even lighting, it's great.

Here's one example of purple flaring with this camera body/lens combination:

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Frank Paris

This is really bad. Anyone else has this bad flare?

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