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In the backyard today

Here are some birds shot from my backdoor today.
All shot with E-5, ZD300mm, monopod, PP in LR4.  The pigeon was downsized to 30%, the other shots are 100% crops.


1.   Crested Pigeon

We now have a dozen of these birds in our 'home' flock which grazes the grass in our backyard every day. My wife wants to feed them and I keep telling her the good reasons not to, but she keeps emptying the 'spent' seed from her pet canaries on the grass. The flock is growing and looking fatter and healthier so I suspect the canary seed is being diverted 

2 - 4.   A Grey Butcher Bird

This one is a juvenile and seems to have taken up residence in our neighbourhood. They are very aggressive predators and this bird spends a lot of time on our window ledge trying to figure out how to get inside to make a meal of my wife's canaries.  At times I've used the canaries as 'bait' to draw out the butcher bird.  Unfortunately (for me) the wife puts a stop to that before I can get any good shots 

This morning however the Butcher Bird was happy to perch and pose on the neighbour's chimney and satellite dish, and then on one of my garden border fences. I had the E-5 ready this time

Juvi Grey Butcher Bird on the garden fence

5.   The Australian Magpie-Lark (male)

These are real characters with, at times, odd behaviour especially during breeding season when the males can be found engaged in battle with their own reflection in windows. I once saw one attack the windscreen of every car that stopped at a red light, including my own. 



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