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Glad you found the culprit!

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The subject matter is a small mess of a painting much like a Jackson Pollock, for those of you who were wondering.

Thanks for that, Tom.

2 ft is too close with f4 to be sharp with the X-E1 and 18-55mm lens. At that distance the X10 is tack sharp and much sharper than the X100. Here are couple of examples...

This is disappointing for at $685 lens. Two feet (60 cm) is not terribly close. Guess you have to buy the $649 XF 60/2.4 macro lens also.

X-E1 will provide sharp focus to the specified minimum focus distance of the 18-55. According to B&H photo, this distance is 11.81 inches (30cm).

I just tried a few test photos at 12-15 inch distance. I could not tell the difference between macro and non macro setting in the X-E1. It could be that the blurring came about from shooting on a tripod with IS on. They say when using a tripod that IS should be turned off. I bet that's really why I got imperfect focus in the beginning.

By the way, my handheld test photos just now were sharp and clear but as I zoomed the lens to longer focal lengths the minimum distance might have changed somewhat, but I did not do a careful test.

Whenever the focus confirm went green, I got good focus. If too close, the focus confirm rectangle stayed red.

I really like this about the X-E1: it won't indicate good focus if focus isn't good. Surprisingly, other cameras don't consistently work this way!

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Tom Schum


It would be nice if you could confirm your suspicion that the blurring came about from shooting on a tripod with IS on.



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