Canon Pro 9000 Mark II Red Color Cast Help!?

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Re: Canon Pro 9000 Mark II Red Color Cast Help!?

rudramel wrote:

Thank you everyone for all your help. In the end i tried everyones suggestions and even though they may not have solved the problem i did learn a great deal about printing.

After days of trying i finally decided it may be the printer itself since when i printed text pages it always seemed the green and blue were weak. So i took out the printer head and cleaned it with alcohol and warm water for a hour and then let it dry for a few more.

In the end the red cast is gone, but now im out of yellow ink. Atleast my problem is solved.

Thanks again everyone!

OK so you have a channel or two clogged! You nozzle check was warning you of that problem long ago.

Print a full colors document every week or at least a nozzle check to prevent any more clogs.

The PRO 9000 MKII hardly EVER clogs so it really takes a lot of effort to cause it to clog.

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